Search Site with dtSearch
Advanced Web Demo
Instantly Search Terabytes
Includes dtSearch's own document filters
Supports a wide variety of data types
MS Office formats through current versions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, including files saved from Office 365)
Exchange, Outlook, Thunderbird and other popular email types with multilevel nested attachments
Public and secure web data (HTML, XML/XSL, PDF, ASP.NET, CMS, PHP, WordPress, SharePoint, etc.)
Other databases (XBASE, CSV, etc.) plus NoSQL and SQL data with BLOB data (through APIs)
Over 25 full-text and metadata search features
Efficient multithreaded searching with no limit on the number of concurrent search threads
Federated searching with integrated relevancy-ranking across multiple data types
Easy multicolor hit-highlighting (for text converted to HTML for display)
Forensics-oriented search options (hash support, credit cards, etc.)
Extensive international language support
Faceted search or “drill down” category searching (through APIs)
Granular search results filtering with multiple classification options (through APIs)
Developers:  add instant search and data support
Cross-platform APIs for C++, Java and .NET with .NET Standard / .NET Core; ASP.NET Core faceted search live demo plus tutorial
SDKs for Windows, Linux, macOS
The dtSearch Engine also works on cloud platforms like Azure and AWS.
Document filters "only" licenses available
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